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2016 has been an amazing year for us!

We had 2 new Hall of Fame titles added this year--

HOF CH TreeStarr Stormy's Katielynn DNA-VP    and
HOF CH/CKC BIS Gr CH/AKC GR CH TreeStarr Billion Dollar Baby, RA HIC DNA-VP
This makes 3 Hall of Fame titled kids for our girlie, Carly!!

Fire added the ROMC-I to his name this year.  Many thanks to his puppy owners!

Violet has finished her RTCH and her Advanced Ducks titles, along with her Dock Senior title.

Erin has finished her RAX and has her first leg in Rally Excellent.  She is working on her Dock Senior advanced title in dock diving, and has also earned her Started Duck title this year. 

We had our long-awaited Fire X Violet litter in May.  We can't wait to see what these very talented puppies get up to in the future!


Mid-America Stock trials

Erin finished her Started Sheep title with a First Place, and an extra leg with a Third Place!

Mid-America Stock Trials

Violet earned her first leg in Advanced Sheep! 

10/28-10/30/2016 Carolina ASC

TreeStarr Violet's Blossom "Blossom" (Fire X Violet) earned 5 Best Opposite Sex  Ribbons and 1 Best Puppy Ribbon during the weekend of 6 ASCA shows. 

ASCA CH TreeStarr Oracle Mick Jagger RNX BN "Jagger" (Pike X Violet) went BEST OF BREED 3 TIMES during the show weekend under Senior Breeder Judge Susan Moorehead, Senior Breeder Judge Susan Whiticar, and Breeder Judge Bobbie Myrick!!  Huge thank you to these judges for recognizing our fine boy!  What a great start to his Specials career!  Jagger is owned by Joan Cunningham and co-owned by TreeStarr.  


GASC shows and trials

TreeStarr's Violet's Blossom "Blossom" Reserve Winners Bitch to the 5 pt major under Breeder judge Rosie O'Hare

TreeStarr Shenanigans @ Oracle "Erin" finishes her Rally Excellent title, wins a large bred-by class, and was considered for Winners Bitch for a 5 pt major under Judge Sharon Sparks.

TreeStarr BZ B'N Blu  "Velvet"finished her Rally Excellent title, and earns a leg in Novice Regular agility.

ASCA/AKC CH TreeStarr Oracle's Mick Jagger BN RNX "Jagger" takes 4 out of 5 Best of Breeds shown by Maria Neff!

Michiana ASC--2/24-2/26/17

Jagger takes 2 more Best of Breed wins, and 1 Best Opposite Sex, handled by Maria Neff!!


Gateway ASC Herding trials--Violet earns her 2nd Advanced Sheep leg with a 2nd place, earning her Advanced Sheep title, AND her Performance Champion Title!

4/2/17  Jagger (Violet X Pike) has been shown and winning easily each weekend out.  He is now in the ASCA Top 10 for Conformation standings!

4/2/17  Blossom (Violet X Fire)  goes WB/ BOW for 2 pts in Georgia under Judge Sunday Miles.  Blossom is co-owned by Joan Cunningham, and shown by Maria Neff! 

Jagger went Best of Breed 3 times this weekend!
Thank you to Senior Breeder Judge Susan Whiticar. Photo by Valerie Yarber

Blossom goes WB/BOW for her first points!
Thank you to Judge Sunday Miles for this win and to Maria Neff for handling Blossom!

4/29/17--CKC Gr CH TreeStarr Oracle Chick Magnet "Spencer" (Violet X Pike) goes Winners Dog twice to pick up 2 majors to finish his ASCA Championship at the CASC shows in North Carolina.  Spencer was shown by Joan Cunningham to these wins.

Also at the CASC show weekend, AKC/ASCA CH TreeStarr Oracle's Mick Jagger "Jagger" (Violet X Pike) won Best of Breed at 3 shows, and Best Opposite Sex at 2 of the shows, bringing his ranking in ASCA conformation standings to Number 4! 

Such a great weekend for these littermates! 

Photo by Mari Bryan

May 17, 2017--CKC GR CH/ASCA CH TreeStarr Oracle Chick Magnet RN BN was Winners Dog at USASA NATIONALS!! Congrats to his owner, Do ominica McCutcheon. Thank you to Maria Neff for doing a terrific job of handling Spencer. Many thank yous to Joan Cunningham for going above and beyond!!

May 19, 2017--AKC/ASCA CH TreeStar Oracle Mick Jagger BN RNX earns an Award of Merit at USASA NATIONALS!! Huge congratulations to his owner, Joan Cunningham, and his handler, Maria Neff!!

Not to be outdone, TreeStarr Shenanigans@Oracle BN RNX RAX RE STDds/AKC RN DS CGC "Erin" took 1st in her Rally Advanced classes at USASA NATIONALS with a 99 and 100 for her 1st two legs in Rally Advanced!

We are really proud of these Violet/Pike kids!!

2017 USASA Nationals Winners Dog Trophy

August, 2017-  GASC shows and trials--
Erin earns her REX  and her CD! 
Rhett earns his RNX and his CD!
Haze goes Best of Breed Puppy each time he is shown.

October 2017--ASC of Mid America herding trials--Violet earns her Started Cattle on Saturday, and her Open Cattle title on Sunday to earn two new herding titles giving her the even bigger titles of Versatility Champion and Performance Champion!  So proud of this girlie!
Erin earned her first Open Sheep leg!  Go Erin!!

ASCA Nationals--November 2017
Jagger Premiers at all the pre-shows and at Nationals--earning 5th place in ASCA Finals in Conformation!! 


January, 2018

Spencer goes Winners Dog at the USASA Specialty in Novi, MI to finish his AKC Championship, handled by Maria Neff

February, 2018

GASC Rally Trials

Violet starts her journey to her 2nd RTCH going High in Trial and High Combined!  Erin earns her Rally Masters title.  Clementine and Ernie earn their Rally Novice titles!  Great weekend in Rally!

March, 2018--Erin earns her Open Ducks herding title at the GASC herding trial!

May 2018 ended with our boy, Jagger, co-owned with Joan Cunningham, finishing the ASCA competition year ranked at NUMBER 1 in the ASCA Conformation standings!  His sister, Erin, also made us proud by finishing in 7th place in the Novice Obedience standings!

June, 2018--We went to the Crossroads ASC show weekend.  Violet earned points toward her RTCH2, and Haze showed in Rally for the first time, earning a 97 for his first ever score (sorry I messed you up, buddy) and an 87 for his 2nd score (again, all me)

July, 2018--Clementine and Castle went to a NADD dock diving event at Purina Farms.  Clementine earned 2  Junior jumps, and is really starting to get her confidence up. We are looking forward to more fun with her in the pool!  Castle earned 2 Senior jumps, showing me again how much he loves this sport!

August, 2018--Erin finished her AKC Rally Advanced title and earned her Novice Trick dog title at the Jefferson County KC trials!  Haze earned his first leg in AKC Rally Novice and also his trick dog novice title! Violet also tagged along to earn her Trick Dog Novice title too!   Such a fun day!

This same weekend, Jagger (Violet x Pike) earned his AKC Grand Championship!! 

August 17-19  Gateway ASC trials--Violet earned more RTCH points plus brought home a High Combined award!  Erin earned her first two Rally Excellent Masters legs, and Haze finished his Rally Novice title and earned his Beginner Novice Obedience title.  Also, Count (Violet x Fire) earned his first Novice Jumpers leg, and his Rally Novice title.

  At another ASCA show this weekend, Jagger earned his Rally Advanced title, and Blossom earned her Rally Novice title.  Congrats to their owner, Joan Cunningham!

9/2/18 ASC of Mid America Herding trials--

Erin earned her Open Sheep title with a 2nd place finish, and Violet earned her (our) first leg in Advanced Cattle, needing 1 more Advanced Cattle leg to complete her WTCH and her SVCH!   

ASCA Nationals, Greeley, Colorado--2018

Jagger earns Premiers at all 3 pre-shows.  Spencer earns a Premier under Judge Erin Swain. 

Violet qualified in both Rally Excellent and Masters twice for more points toward her RTCH. 

Haze earned a 197 and a 198 in Rally Novice to earn his RNX! 

Erin and Violet splashed their way to several firsts, and were almost always in the ribbons in their first ASCA Dock Jumping event.

And last but not least,


We are so proud of this boy, and the rest of the TreeStarr team. 

Huge thanks to Joan Cunningham and Dominica McCutcheon for all that you have done with both Spencer and Jagger. 


We started off 2019 with Haze attending the Golden Retriever Specialty Rally Trial in January where he earned his 2nd leg and 1st place in Rally Novice.

Gateway ASC shows and trials in February had Violet earning several more points toward her RTCH2 and Haze earning his Rally Advanced title with one X leg.
Haze also earned 2 legs in Novice Obedience toward his CD.
And for the kicker, Haze garnered a 3 point major under Breeder Judge Betty Jaco and only his 2nd time in the ring as an adult! Haze was shown by Madie Williams who is doing a great job with him!

Erin surprised us a few days early with her first litter on February 18th by the very handsome and talented, Case.

April 7, 2019--GASC Herding trials--Haze starts and finishes his Started Ducks title also earning a High Started Aussie at his first trial!!

USASA Nationals--Haze earns finishes his AKC RN with a 100, and the next day picks up his first Rally Advanced leg with a 99!
Violet earns her first two RAE legs with scores of 99/96 and 96/100 So proud of my mother/son team!

Crossroads ASC June 1st & 2nd--
Haze q'd in Rally Advanced with a 191 and 193, not quite the X legs that we wanted, but close. He finished his CD on Sunday! Haze was also Reserve to the major under Sr Breeder judge Ann DeChant at one of the 3 shows he was entered in!

May, 2019--TreeStarr's Violet's Blossom owned by Joan Cunningham earned her ASCA Championship with a 5 point major. Blossom was shown by Maria Neff. Blossom is our Violet's 3rd Champion!

June 7-9--Haze earns his 5 qualifying jumps for his Dock Junior title plus a bonus leg for his personal best of 15'9 for a Senior jump!

June, 2019-- Ragnar (TreeStarr's Fire's Nordic Warrior) (Vi X Fire) earned his HT!! July 2019--Spencer (Violet X Pike) is currently the Number 1 Aussie in Canada! We are very proud of this handsome boy! That makes Violet the mama of two NUMBER ONE DOGS in 2 countries!! GASC Dock jumping trial- Violet and Haze both earned their LC-N titles! August 2019-- GASC Rally trials and Conformation shows--. Erin finished her Championship with a 4 pt major. She also finished her REM and Trick Dog Intermediate titles the same day!! September 2019-- Ragnar earns his AKC Novice Agility title with his owner, Audrey Richardsen. October 2019-- ASC of Mid America stock trials-- Erin earns her Started Cattle title!! November, 2019--OZ ASC--Violet finishes her 2nd Rally Trial Championship!! Lucas-- TreeStarr's Just Give Me A Reason (Case X Erin) is 4th in his 6-9 Class at ASCA Nationals and 3rd in his class at the Post Show! Many thanks to Carol Morgan for all you do with this handsome boy!